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Product Description

Perfect Kit to plan your next renovation project.

Imagine you could see your house in 3d and confirm you are happy with it before building the real thing.

Our Architectural Model Kit is a great big box of ready-made Scale Model components. If you have ever had to explain a 2D plan to a client that cannot visualise from a plan, your will appreciate the value of a Physical model. Instead of doing endless 3D sketches of the various views and possibly even spending a few hours on a computer model, imagine being able to whip up a physical model in a half hour and then show your client so they love and understand your plans.

Fastest and easiest scale model house you can make:

If you have ever made a scale model with card or foam board you will understand how much time you would save if you could just dip into a box of pre-cut walls, windows, and doors, and quickly mock up your house plans.

Model wall pieces made from durable plastic:

All the pieces in the kit are made from white Perspex. The walls, windows and doors can be glued to each other to form a finished model in literally minutes. All our 3D kits are designed to be modular, so they will all work alone or joined together to form longer walls.

Available add-ons:

Scale Furniture available to go with the 3D Model Room kit

Model Scale:

All 3D model kits are 1:50 scale.

The Base size represents 8m x 8m (64m2)

26 feet x 26 feet (676 square feet)


  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Width: 16 cm
  • Depth: 16 cm
  • Height: 4 cm

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