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Product Description

Are you an Interior Designer?

We have the perfect way to help your clients fall in love with your designs.

Ever had a client who just couldn’t read plans? You know the ones? …you spend hours doing additional 3d sketches for them…or you walk out the property mapping out where everything will go in their newly renovated kitchen…and they still look at you with a confused face?

Plans are like learning a new language…for those of us working in the industry we become fluent. For someone who spends their days in a whole other way it is a real challenge to jump into imagining how a plan will translate to their future life. 

Imagine you could show your kitchen design as a physical model and confirm your clients are happy with it before building the real thing.

Kitchen Model from your sketch or drawings

Our Kitchen Model Kit is made bespoke for you …we take your plans…and convert them to a model of the layout….so your client falls in love with your designs and more importantly, signs off on something they understand

Sketch them on the back of an envelope or send finished architectural drawing..either works for us.

Then we make a small scale replica of your kitchen plan.

We literally model your kitchen design with walls, windows and doors and of course we add the furniture.

Want to see how your kitchen island will look? Worried it might be too big?

No problem…just tell us the size and shape (there comes that envelope again) and we will make it and add it to your miniature kitchen.

All delivered complete and ready to go and WOW your clients. Imagine walking into your next client meeting with a model in one hand and letting them see EXACTLY what they are getting before the contractors turn a single brick.



Kitchen Models Hand Made from Quality Materials:

All the walls in the kit are made from white Perspex and the kits are hand made by our experienced modelmaking team. We take great pride in our work and will ensure every kitchen model that leaves us is a fabulous representation of your planned kitchen. Every unique piece is checked and sent out packaged with 2 x figures to show your design at its absolute best.

Model Scale:

All 3D model kits can be made in 1/4inch =1foot scale or 1:50 scale (if metric)



How do I Order a Model of My Kitchen?

Easy – Just place your order online using the size nearest to your kitchen dimension. Measure the length and width of your kitchen and multiply to get the square footage.

So lets say your kitchen is 12′ x 11.5′

12 x 11.5 = 138…so your kitchen is 138′ square.

Order the small size kitchen and you are good to go.

Don’t worry if you get this wrong…we will review and change it if you order a bigger size than you need and issue a refund … although we will of course let you know if it is too small too!!

Once your kitchen model is ordered send us an email to with a sketch or plan of your kitchen and thats it.

If we need to clarify anything we will be in touch.

I am a interior Designer is this suitable for me?

Most of our customers are Interior Designers actually.

Rather than spend hours on a pc doing 3d illustrations of your designs why not send us the plan and get a model to present to your client? Apart from the time you save on illustrations think how clear your client will be about what you are proposing when they literally see it in miniature form.

Of course you still need to bring the colour and material samples to really wow them with your ideas but now you have more time to spend on it.

What is the lead time for a kitchen Model & Do you do Rush Orders?

Normal lead time for production is 10 days + delivery time

That being said we have been working in this deadline driven industry for a long time so we get it that sometimes it needs to be delivered yesterday.

If you have a rush order please call or email us and let us know what you need. We will do everything we can to get your kitchen model to you in time for your presentation.

Do you offer refunds on Kitchen Models?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds as all models are made to order specifically for your kitchen plan. If you are still working out your kitchen plans and not sure of your layout you might be best ordering one of our Magnetic Home Design Kits first and use that to work out the plan before committing to a model of it.


  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Width: 16 cm
  • Depth: 16 cm
  • Height: 4 cm

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