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House Layout Planner. Create your house layout in minutes and see what how great your renovated home could be. Scale House pieces so you can easily create a plan in next to no time and change it over and over until you have the perfect plan.
Full Description

Product Description

House Layout Planner 

Perfect for you if:

  • You’ve created a big collection of Pinterest Boards with ideas for your perfect Kitchen but don’t know where to start
  • Know there are problems with your current house layout plans and are worried you will repeat them in your newly renovated house plan
  • You have No Design experience … but you appreciate good design
  • Feel totally overwhelmed at the thought of renovating and have put off starting because of  ‘decision paralysis’ (yes that’s a real thing … you are not alone)
  • You’re tired of looking at beautiful homes on TV makeover shows and magazines and think it’s time to make your house magazine worthy.
  • Are worried that your livingroom is ‘too long…too skinny…too awkward’ and are scared you will get your layout wrong or even make it worse
  • Can’t decide between a U shaped kitchen or a galley? … or maybe an L shaped kitchen with an Island?  Choice can be overwhelming can’t it?
House Layout Planner with magnetic furniture
House Layout Planner

3 Simple Steps To Plan Your Perfect Layout In Minutes

  1. Measure your rooms. Just get the overall length by the width … add the details as you work through Step 2 & 3.
  2. ‘Draw’ your ideas using our easy to use scale magnetic pieces and see your furnished house layout plan in minutes.
  3. The fun part – start to ‘test drive’ your room layouts. Using the magnetic pieces see what works and more importantly what doesn’t work.  See if a U shaped kitchen really is better than a Galley? … or if that island is too big for your space?

Home Design Kit FAQ’S

What’s Included in The Home Design Kit?

Everything you need to plan a whole house layout up to 140 Metres Square or 1500 Sq Feet. (It comes with 2 magnetic boards of 70m sq or 750 sq feet each)

A large selection of magnetic Walls, Windows & Door magnets to create the plan.

Over 300 scale furniture templates to represent every possible option in the following rooms:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Livingroom

Tips and Guides to help you get started on your dream plans and a magnetic Title block to label your magnetic plan ideas.

A North Point to keep in mind where the sunlight will come from

Radiators and stair options for straight stairs, left or right turning stairs, and spiral stairs.

Scale Rules x 2 (one if you like metric and another if you prefer Feet)

All packed in a beautiful reusable storage tin

What Scale is the House Design Kit?

It is 1:33 but actually the scale is kind of irrelevant … one of the key features of our kit is that we did all the hard work work for you. The Home Design Kit has everything pre-scaled. All you need to do is remember to measure with the Modelrooms rulers and you will have no trouble with scales … we guarantee it.

Can I still use the kit if I am working with an architect or designer?

Yes, absolutely.

It was originally invented as a tool to bridge the gap between architect and homeowner. It can be difficult to describe in words what you want and with Modelrooms you don’t have to – a good ‘client focused’ designer or architect will welcome the fact that you can show them instead of telling them what you want.

At what stage of the Renovation Process should we be working on our Layout?

The sooner the better we say.

Plans evolve and morph into the perfect layout over time and with some ‘Test Driving’ of the options. The sooner you can get started working out all your options the better.

That said, some people respond better to the pressure of a deadline. We have seen people come up with their best work the night before signing off on a kitchen order. Ideally you will have time to ruminate your ideas and maybe show them to a few friends or family to see if you missed anything.

How do I save my ideas when I make changes to my Modelrooms Layout?

Easy peasy…there are a couple of options for this…

  1. Taking a photo of your house layout on your phone is the easiest way. Because the kits are designed to be clear and graphic they photograph very well, so you can easily share your ideas with someone.
  2. If you want a paper copy you can use a scanner or photocopier and print the plan on paper. This is particularly handy if you want to jot a few notes on your plan.

Can I use my kit to plan for the electrics or lighting?


We recommend making a paper copy for this.

Overlay the paper plan with marks for your electrician. Because the symbols for everything are so clear it is easy to remember where you need sockets for appliances etc.

Still not Sure if the House Design Kit is for you?

Feel free to Contact us for a chat and we can help you decide which kit will work best for you.

If we think you will not benefit from using our kits right for you we will let you know that too … promise.


  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Width: 32 cm
  • Depth: 2 cm
  • Height: 22 cm

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